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"At last I have have managed to stop cats making a mess in my garden"

Dean, Manchester

"At LAST, ive found one that works,Tried all others no good , now no cats"

Katrina, London

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Banner saying as featured on bbc watch dog and silent roar come out on top.

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Do you have a amazing website or blog who's visitors would like to buy Silent Roar. Would you like to earn money from it? Then Silent Roar Online affilate scheme is waiting to be conected with you. Whats more its simple, easy to set up and is completly FREE.
What is a Affiliate Scheme?
An affiliate program allows you to link from your site to ours and earn commission whenever a visitor you've referred purchases silent roar.
Why sign up to Silent Roar Online affilate scheme?

Firstly its completly free, we offer a commission of 0.50p per order which may not seem like much but when you look at the demand for this product you soon start to see the amount of orders that can be genertated by you,

We also have one of the best conversion rates in our sector. This means that if you send customers to Silent roar online you are more likley to earn commision.
Once you are a Affilaite member you can log in online and track all your sales and commisions earned.
How to get earning money
  1. First sign up to Silent roar online affiliate scheme
  2. Next add one of Silent roar online banners or text links to your web site
  3. Everytime someone clicks on that banner and makes a sale at silent roar online you will get 0.50p per order.
Example: you have 10,000 unquie visitors to your website every month, with cats being a bit of a problem all over the country 3000 of them show an interest in Silent roar and click on your banner to see the product. 300 of them visitors go on to make a purchase with silent roar online and you make 0.50p out of each so you make £150.00 just for refering customers from your website.

For high performers we can even give a higher commission rate.


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